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The Adjustment Bureau doesn’t disappoint

Danielle Slauter, Reoprter

On March 4, The Adjustment Bureau hit theaters everywhere.

I was somewhat skeptical at first with reviews on the previews saying it was, “better than Inception“. However, I was delightfully surprised.

Matt Damon does a phenomenal job playing the main character, David Norris. He plays a believable leading role and is easy to relate to. 

Normally, I’m dissatisfied with leading ladies in action/psychological thrillers, but Emily Blunt plays a surprisingly normal and witty character throughout the film.

The bureau itself has a variety of actors doing a great job always keeping you on the edge of your seat and asking questions, all of which are answered by the end of the film.

My only problem with the movie was the ending itself. It was somewhat cliche, but only an ambiguous ending would have made every person happy.

Regardless, the movie was definitely worth seeing.

Overall Score: 4 of 5 stars

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