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An $800 million proposal may send the St. Louis Rams packing for warmer weather

Since 1995, the Rams have been a part of  the great city of St. Louis, MO.

However, speculation has arose about this football team leaving for good and returning to their former home of Los Angles, CA.

The team is currently awaiting the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission’s (CVC) decision as to whether or not the team will be granted its plan to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome, where they currently play.

The Rams are looking to bring their stadium to “first-tier” status, which would include: a new retractable roof; replacement of the brick exterior with glass; and even the re-routing of a nearby street.

It has even been proposed to start from scratch and demolish the building and replace it with a football stadium that can stand up to the rest.

However, there is one other option: moving.

Now, as to where the team would move, it is undecided.

Some Rams’ fans believe that rebuilding somewhere else in St. Louis could be the answer.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, there are three potential locations: in proximity to Interstate 70 in Maryland Heights, which happens to be not too far away from the Rams’ practice complex; in the Bottle District north of Downtown St. Louis, not too far from the current dome; and in Fenton, at the site of a former Chrysler plant.

The other speculated option is for the team to move back to Los Angles, where fans there are excited for the possibility of a return.

When asked if  they had a certain opinion as to what the decision of the CVC should be, most students answered with blank stares and some even asked, “But the Mizzou Tigers are still staying in Columbia, right?”

Varsity football player, junior Devin Hampton said, “Even though its awesome to have a [professional football] team here in St. Louis, they should go back to L.A.–that’s where all the money is.”


Money is another prime issue in the Rams’ new stadium proposition.

The CVC proposed they would agree to $124 million in renovations; the Rams wouldn’t say just how expensive their new plan would cost, but it is estimated to be around $700-$800 million.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay believes there is a rare chance that the CVC will try spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer money.

Even Rams’ fans who desire for the team to stay in St. Louis think the dollar figure is absolutely ridiculous.

“I like the Rams, going downtown to see them play is always fun too, but $800 million to be up to the other stadiums standards is insane. Don’t get me wrong, a new, bigger stadium, that could possibly have an area to tailgate would be awesome — but I am not going to start paying more taxes because of them,” junior Chris D’Agostino said.

The Edward Jones Dome may be among the smallest stadiums in the NFL, but unless the CVC implements the Rams’ plan, their lease of the dome becomes a year-to-year in March 2015, the chances that the team leaves St. Louis will increase.

The CVC has thirty days as of Feb. 1 to make the final decision.

For more information about possible outcomes, check out these links:




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