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Glory of Missouri recipients announced

Emily Altic, Guest Writer

On March 5, 14 seniors from Lafayette will get to go on a tour of the capital and talk to Missouri representatives as part of a special award called the Glory of Missouri Award.

These seniors all possess one of the 14 virtues carved in the stone of the chamber of the House of Representatives, such as knowledge, liberty equality, law, justice, fraternity, education, progress, honor, truth, virtue, temperance, enterprise or charity.

Each year, teachers nominate students that exhibit these behaviors in order to partake in this award.

The students that are representing Lafayette this year are listed below.

“There are so many outstanding kids here at this school and this is a great way to recognize them,” Assistant Principal Timothy Jones said.

Lafayette is not the only school to attend; other schools participate as well, such as Eureka and a few area middle schools.

Although this is only Lafayette’s eighth yeear taking part, the program started in 1926 after the new Capitol was built.

Jones said, “It is a really wonderful experience; I hope we can continue this tradition at Lafayette.”

Knowledge: Richard Lu

Liberty:  Max Thoman

Equality: Khahyil Moore

Law: Jean-Luc Panchot

Justice: Jacob Zerr

Fraternity: Kelsey Clayman

Education: Hannah Thurauf

Progress: Keith Skubic

Honor: Dominic Bisesi

Truth: Emily Nischwitz

Virtue: Michael Mueller

Temperance: Tyler Romero

Enterprise: Ryan Jones

Charity: Erica Hoeferlin

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