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Seniors selected for Glory of Missouri Awards

Leanne Beasley, Reporter

The Glory of Missouri awards were announced for the 2009-2010 school year at Lafayette, honoring 14 seniors.

The Glory of Missouri award is given by the Missouri State House of Representatives which recognizes seniors that best exemplify the 14 qualities that are engraved on the state capitol’s ceiling in Jefferson City.

Lafayette staff members nominated seniors for each of these specific characteristics and based on these nominations, the awards were given.

This year’s seniors traveled to Jefferson City to receive their awards on the floor of the House and to be recognized by a House representative.

Dawn Dickerson was among those recognized.

“At first, I was shocked and I wasn’t sure I deserved it.  I was humbled to recieve it and it meant so much to me to be nominated and it felt as if all your hard work had paid off.”

During the trip to Jefferson City on April 19, the students were able to meet and see their representatives of the House.

“The trip was very and fun to talk to new people in my senior class that I didn’t know. We got to sit in our representatives desks and bang the mallet that the judge uses while in session if it’s needed,” Dickerson said.

The winners include:

KNOWLEDGE: Nowrin Haque

LIBERTY: Teresa Avila

EQUALITY: Christie Holland

LAW: Varun Mehrotra

JUSTICE: Alex Creely

FRATERNITY: Christine Hibler

EDUCATION: Caitlyn Rumsey

PROGRESS: Mason Jones

HONOR: Rachel Thorley

TRUTH: Tyler Manisco

VIRTUE: J.T. Miller

TEMPERANCE: Shiphie Philipose

ENTERPRISE: Scott Bowerman

CHARITY: Dawn Dickerson

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