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  • There is a PLC Late Start on Feb. 22. Classes start at 9:46. February 8, 2016

  • Taste of West County is Monday Feb. 22 at 5:30. All funds raised support the junior class in their fundraising. February 8, 2016

  • The Winter Dance will be Saturday Feb. 20. Tickets will be available at lunch the week of Tuesday Feb. 16. February 3, 2016

  • Key Club will be meeting Wednesday Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. February 3, 2016

2015-2016 lhsimage.com Staff

Seth Boester


Seth is a senior, and this is his third year on the Image staff.  Seth enjoys playing video games and watching Football. He is the biggest Packers fan this side of the Mississippi. Seth plans on being a journalist when he grows... 

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Suzy Blalock


Suzy Blalock is a junior, and this is her second year on staff. Suzy is apart of Youth Leadership St. Louis, as well as Next Gen Youth Ministires for the Missouri Methodist Church. She likes hiking, going to concerts and reading... 

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Jessica Collins

Life Editor

Jessica Collins is a senior and this is her second year on staff. Some of her favorite activities include swimming, working, being a Sunday School teacher, lacrosse, and Young Life. Her favorite food is nuggets. She has a twin... 

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Anna James

News Editor

Anna is a junior and this is her second year on staff. She is the News Editor for print. Anna likes to drive her truck, travel, hunt, and watch Grey's Anatomy. Anna is originally from Mississippi and loves her cat, Callie and her two dogs. Her favorite song currently is Sangria by Blake Shelton She is plann... 

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Ben Rachell

Opinions Editor

Ben is a senior and this is his fourth year on staff. Ben enjoys mobbin' and watching Seth dance. He works a lot, but likes to watch basketball and go to concerts when he is free. Mac and Cheese is his favorite food. His favorite... 

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Kayley Allen

Sports Editor

Kayley is a junior and this is her second year on staff. She enjoys being on the softball and lacrosse teams at Lafayette, along with being on staff. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix. Her favorite shows range from... 

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Garrett McBay

Assistant Webmaster

Garrett McBay is a senior, and this is his fourth year on staff. Garrett likes playing guitar or video games and watching movies or television. His favorite movies are Mad Max: Fury Road and the original Robocop. He likes stewed... 

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Kaitlyn Wylie

Feed Editor

Kaitlyn Wylie is a senior, and this is her second year on staff. She's a cheer captain and volunteers at Children's Hospital in her free time. She is on the Executive Board for Student Council, the steering committee for Key... 

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Alex Kessler

Staff Reporter

Alex Kessler is a senior and this is her second year on staff. Alex has lived in 9 different countries throughout her lifetime. She enjoys traveling, tanning and reading. She does Tae Kwon Doe outside of school. Her favorite song... 

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Elly Levy

Staff Reporter

Elly Levy is junior and this is her second year on staff. She's dyed her hair countless times and plays the trombone in marching band. Elly enjoys writing short stories and poems. Her favorite song is "Champagne Supernova" by... 

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Dominic Scaglione

Staff Reporter

Dominic is a junior, and this is his second year on the Image staff. Dominic is a funny guy who enjoys puns and skeletons that play brass instruments. He also enjoys boogie boarding jokes. Dom enjoys the taste of a fresh pomegranate.... 

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Josh Waitsman

Sports Reporter

Josh is a senior, and this is first year on staff. He enjoys playing baseball, football and playing Halo and Super Smash Bros. He is apart of the Drill Team and Player's Guild. He loves chicken wings. One of his special talents... 

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Jack Deubner

Staff Reporter

Jack is a junior, and this is his first year on staff. Jack enjoys playing guitar, listening to large amounts of music, watching late night talk shows and being cool in general. He is apart of Tuesday Night Rock Band and the tennis... 

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Brinlee Fraizer

Staff Reporter

Brinlee is a junior, and this is her first year on staff. Brinlee likes to argue, run and read. She is a member of the cross country team, Amnesty International and plans on joining other various clubs such as Key Club and Feminist... 

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Arpan Das

Sports Reporter

Arpan is a junior, and this is his first year on staff. Arpan likes video games and sports. He also enjoys playing violin and debating. He adores Sunchips. After high school, he plans to go to college for either sports reporting... 

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Tyler Burnett

Sports Reporter

Tyler is a sophomore, and this is his first year on staff. He plans on writing sports stories. Tyler spends his free time running cross country and track and field, along with attending various sporting events. He enjoys eating... 

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Erin Coogan

Staff Reporter

Erin is a sophomore, and this is her first year on staff. She is on the volleyball team at Lafayette, along with playing club volleyball. She likes to listen to music and talk with friends or family when she has free time. She... 

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Sabrina Ross


Sabrina is a senior, and this is her first year on staff. Whenever she's not in newspaper, she likes to play soccer with her club team, listen to music, or sleep. Her favorite food is either bacon or mac and cheese, she can't... 

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Breanna Hunt


Breanna Hunt is a senior, this is her first year on staff. She enjoys playing piano and running in her free time. Breanna loves Chinese food and the band Memphis May Fire. Her special talent is her ability to sing. After high... 

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Kira Downing


Kira Downing is a freshman, this is her first year on staff. Kira's hobbies include dance and playing freshman girls volleyball. Her favorite food is chicken, and believes that her special ability is to be funny. After high school,... 

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John Levine

Sports Reporter

John Levine is a junior, this is his first year on staff. John enjoys sports, and likes to play as a football linebacker. His favorite food is sushi, and claims that his special talent is being bad at answering questions. John... 

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Jessie Cargill


Jessie Cargill is a sophomore, this is her first year on staff. Jessie's hobbies include playing guitar, writing music and sleeping. After school, she participates in Thursday Night Rock Band. Jessie's favorite food is pasta,... 

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Shwetha Sundarrajan


Shwetha Sundarrajan is a sophomore and this is her first year on staff. Shwetha loves photography and classical south Indian music, as well as playing the violin. Her favorite foods include various indian foods, including idili... 

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