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Hot Links: 5 Websites To Help Study for Midterms

Arianna Demos, Asst. Sports Editor

As third quarter starts to wind down, students begin preparing for the dreaded midterms right before Spring Break. Although it may be hard to keep your mind off of the beach, it is important to study and stay on top of your grades. Here are some helpful websites that provide convenient ways to get ready for tests.


An already popular site among the Lafayette community, Quizlet offers thousands of flashcards for every subject, including foreign languages. Not only is it easy to navigate and access by smart phone or computer, it also provides opportunities to study for standardized tests and college exams.


Another easy way to create and find flashcards is through StudyBlue. The site is also designed for students to connect with their classmates in school and share information. With the Studyblue app for smart phones, this is an quick way to get that last bit of studying in right before the test.


This website not only allows students to create their own sets of flashcards, but there are ways to quiz themselves and create study teams with other people taking that same exam. There is also a complete Brain Analysis test for students to take when they find some free time.


Although this site isn’t designed for creating flashcards, it gives helpful hints for test taking and problem-solving. One major aspect that I really liked about it was their focus on essay writing. It gives a step-by-step guide for essays and tips for scoring well.


With emphasis on strategies for test-taking, this website provides interesting ways to prepare for an upcoming stressful exam. There are tips to help avoid bad school habits, deal with report cards, and ways to raise grades before marking periods.

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